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Suck Up Every Particle of Dust & Kill Mites on a Cellular Level Effortlessly With This Advanced Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner!

Allergic to dust, mites, and other pollutants? Finally, your sufferings are getting over! Our advanced Anti-Mite Vacuum Cleaner can suck the tiniest particle-like mites of your space! This handy device can kill dust mites and many other allergy-causing microorganisms, and cleans three thick layers of dust away! It doesn’t matter how thick your mattresses are; this sturdy cleaner can suck each mite, dirt, and germs!


  • STURDY VACUUM MOTOR: Germs and other bacteria can easily be found in the furniture and the bed in your space. With its powerful motor, the vacuum cleaner can eliminate all the germs and dust off your area. A smooth yet effective option of cleaning. You will have a three-layer cleaning without any germ infestation.

  • POWERFUL SUCTION: With the high rotating frequency and Powerful Suctions with 22v, it sucks every dust and mites. The sturdy cleaner beats out the dust, mites from deep of bed sheet, and mattress; and thoroughly sucks them away.

  • REMOVE GERMS & BACTERIAS IN SECONDS: The UV light helps to remove bacteria effectively and kills bed bugs, mites, microorganisms. You will have a 99% germ-free space with this cleaner.

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN: The compact & super lightweight design lets you carry the cleaner everywhere. You can easily store the cleaner in your pouch, or bag.

  • ADVANCED HEPA FILTRATION: The vacuum cleaner features HEPA filtration that captures 99.9 percent of particles, which might be as small as 0.3 microns. 

  • Comfortable GRIP & LARGER CORD: The non-slip handle is convenient to grip that you can hold it comfortably. The 4-meter cord gives you distant cleaning.

  • LARGE CAPACITY DUST BOX: Built-in dust storage chamber can store about 500ml dust. You can open the dust box and clean it whenever you need it.
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