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USB Charged Mosquito Killer device. Electronic lamps for killing flying insects especially mosquitoes. It can also be a great Fancy piece item in your room. It comes in Range of colors to choose from.


Multifunctional electronic lamp against mosquitoes. 
Low power consumption, high mosquito protection. 
Great for use in the bedroom, hall, hotel, office, poultry farm and garden. 
Just plug the zapper bug into an electrical outlet, so that flying or crawling insects nearby will be attracted to the light and approach the metal grid with electronic charging, which will lead to their electric radiation. 
A mosquito net can prevent mosquitoes from slipping away to effectively kill them, which is easy to open for easy cleaning. 
Safety and hygiene: without any chemicals, non-toxic, tasteless, without radiation, safety and environmental protection

The Mosquito killer is multifunctional and efficient that mosquito cannot enter into the hall, hotel, office, poultry farm or at any place. Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is safe for health and does not contain any nontoxic material. 

USB Charged Mosquito Killer Device not spread any harmful radiation. It is just like the electric lamp which grabs the mosquitos by electric radiation which is not harmful to anything at all.  




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