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Our Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow help relax your tired legs and feet during long-time travel on the train, bus, airplane, and after tiring work.


  • Comfortable Journey: 
    Help relax your tired legs and feet during long-time travel on train, airplane, and after tiring work. 
  • 3 Levels Adjustable:
    3 air valves, 3 levels adjustable height, 3 independent air chamber, make it easy to adjust the height to your preference and shorten pumping time.
  • Keeping Health:
    Provide proper legs support so the body gets better blood circulation. Prevent legs swelling and soreness. 
  • Lightweight & Portable:
    Weighs less than 1lb, it can be compressed down and stored in a small pouch and can be carried easily so you can enjoy the trip completely.
  • Premium Material:
    Made of washable premium soft PVC Flocking, environmental friendly healthy and hygienic material. 


  • Material: PVC flocking


  • 1 x Foot Rest Cushion

Provide proper legs support so the body gets better blood circulation. Effectively prevent legs swelling and soreness during the journey.  

It is handy and multipurpose, perfect as a travel bed for children, car seat extension leg rest and foot rest at home.





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