Mini Wifi Camera 1080P Night Vision



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Wifi Operated H10 Mini 1080p Camera which can be placed anywhere and it operates independently! 


1. Wi-Fi’s connection: the product has built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, the phone can be connected directly, there is no need for a router, broadband mode.
2. Built-in lithium battery: independent power supply, non-independent power supply suitable for various monitoring conditions, do not worry about the power problem.
3. HD video: the product supports 1080P video with high definition and more convenient use.
4. Night vision function: the product supports night vision function, and there is no need to worry about night video recording.
5. Multistage Application: the product is used for strangers entering the door, monitoring store, look after the child, look at the parents and so on.



Its size makes it undetectable and independent power supply makes it hard to notice if there is any camera at all in a room. It can be connected with your mobile directly through WiFi.


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