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Led Display Shower thermometer and self-generating electric water. This shower thermometer is for keeping the perfect temperature of the water. This is the best commodity to prevent your baby from chilly or heated water. 


Key Features:
-This thermometer monitors the temperature of the shower in real time. 
-Built-in small-scale hydropower system allows you to generate currents without a battery. After turning off the water, it will automatically turn off the current. 
– The high-precision temperature sensor ensures accuracy, the error is only +/- 1 deg. F. 
– 360 degree rotating LED waterproof screen for better viewing. 
– Compatible with most shower equipment, easy to install without any tools. 
-A house is needed to serve you and your family. Ideal for families with children.
-Elegant design, high-quality bath thermometer ideal for home use and even bathrooms in five-star hotels.

 The Led display will let you acknowledge the display of water temperature. You can set your required temperature while bathing. The Shower thermometer is accurate but still, the company sets the +/- 1 degree F accuracy rate for extra safety measure. 





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