Sticka Toe Straightener



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Sticka Toe Straightener

Sticka Toe Straightener relieves the joint of the big toe and enables pain-free mobility of the big toe if the orthotic is applied in the early stages of Hallux Valgus

– Suitable for tendinitis in the big toe
– Suitable for Hallux Valgus; both conservative as well as post-operative
– Suitable for osteoarthritis / rheumatoid arthritis
– Suitable for a position deviation of the big toe 

Sticka Toe Straightener can be used at all times to create maximum relaxation of the softer (weaker) parts of the big toe. Causing fewer or no complaints to be experienced. Thanks to the simple construction, 
comfortable use is ensuredSticka Toe Straightener fits exceptionally well and will cause little to no trouble when in use.


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